Building on your Own lot – Some Top Tips

If you’re building a new home on your own lot, you’re about to embark on an exciting project! Here are some essential tips, so your build goes as smoothly as possible.

Choose your Contractor Early

Here’s our first and most important tip: get your builder involved early. You might even want to decide on the builder before you buy the land. We have the expertise to advise you whether the lot you’re considering is suitable for your build. You might have a beautiful lot with stunning views, but there may be problems you can’t envisage, and a builder can.

Find the Right HOMEBUILDER

Choosing the professional to build your home isn’t something you should rush into. We offer the advantage of being local, and can guarantee the following:

  • Past Experience – Home building is our regular work, and we’re happy to show you our past projects.
  • We Have Floorplans? – If you have an idea of your floorplan, it might save you money if you can work to one that we have built before. We will work with you to find the right layout and save you money.
  • Connections – A well-connected local builder is what you need. We have great relationships with local supplier for all materials and pass our cost savings on to our clients.

As a trusted, local builder we’re ready to show you some of the lots we have. We’ll tell you what needs doing before the build goes ahead, including removing material, and any specific foundation work, and keep these costs as low as possible.

Talk to us in advance about your ideas and your budget, and we’ll be honest and straight with you about your project. We do our best to work to every budget and will advise where money can be saved.


You’re talking to the right people if you want to build a home on an ideal lot. We can show you some of those we have that might be of interest.

We’re up to speed with local building rules and regulations, so you don’t have to worry about those, and we’ll also help with the following that you may not have thought about:

  • Preparing the Lot – Trees, earth and any other obstructions need clearing.
  • Building a Driveway – Often forgotten, make sure a driveway is in your budget
  • Energy Efficiency – you could make your new-build more energy efficient and we can show you how. A little more spent now can mean savings in the future.
  • Utilities – Gas, Electric, and Water connections need to be budgeted for.
  • Water Flow – We will advise on potential problems with sloping land and water flow.
  • Other Ground Conditions – We can see what the untrained eye cannot, and either rectify or advise in advance.

Don’t jump in feet first, talk to the experts! If you need help and advice on buying a lot and building a home, get in touch and we can help.

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